NOTE: Gonna see if I can pull together a WebGL version of the game, but that might take a bit—hang in there!

This game was made for the Mix and Game Jam event, in which we attempt to make a game that combines to different game genres.  For this, I went with a combo of Chess and a generic Platformer.  This is by no means a well polished game—honestly, I think I spent too much time on the art and animation.   But here it is, in it's full glory.


Download 27 MB


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You can also change the publishing setting in project setting, player, compression format to disabled, you can increase the performance of the game, it is just small tip use it if you want :)

Awesome Game :)

doesnt really work, attacks dont land :P

Yeah, the controls kinda suck—I think I focused a lil to much on the art XD

if you update it after the jam, send me a message ill play it!

btw if its not too much to ask, could you check my game out and rate it?